In another bit of artistic license, Painting 16 shows the command pilot, having deactivated the Gemini-B systems for its month-long slumber, joining the co-pilot in the MOL. The command pilot would probably have stayed in the Gemini-B longer, allowing the co-pilot to establish lab operations before he deactivated their transfer vehicle.

The MOL end of the transfer tunnel is shown with a large airtight hatch, unlike in painting 14B.

The onionskin sheet is annotated apparently by a company reviewer. Near the hatch, a hand-written note says “see fig 13”. In addition, hand-drawn umbilicals are sketched in pencil as if connected to the upper and middle MOL panels on the left (see image at right--revised umbilicals barely visible, unfortunately). This would have made this view incorrect because the pilots could not have connected them inside the module before arriving there themselves.

The cover sheet is also annotated. In the bottom left quadrant, hand-written notes say “(1) Umbilicals all wrong (2) #1 Space Pilot not on door." The "umbilicals" note apparently reiterates the hand-drawn pencil lines described above. The "Space pilot not on door" might be a direction to move the figure away from the hatch, but it is not clear.