In Painting 46, the Gemini-B re-entry module protects the pilots during the fiery flight across another generic Earth-sky background, although the company reviewer asked that the unrealistic red flames be eliminated.

Jacobe has produced here a high-fidelity depiction of the Gemini capsule (except for the peculiar red nose), probably based on an abundance of photographs and other imagery from McDonnell, its manufacturer. Presumably access to such information became even easier after McDonnell and Douglas merged in April 1967, about a year before the estimated date of these paintings.

The nose section of the Gemini spacecraft that Jacobe insisted on painting red was termed the rendezvous and recovery section. It housed the radar when it was carried for rendezvous and docking missions (not required on MOL missions because Gemini-B was launched already bolted to MOL) and the drogue, pilot and main parachutes need for a safe splashdown and recovery.