This hand-written receipt for three paintings removed from the collection in 1969 was addressed to "Frank," perhaps the "Frank McGuire" noted elsewhere. The signature looks like "Bob Bonning." Mike Machat didn't recognize either name but suggested the "upcoming art show" referred to Illustrations West, an annual show sponsored by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (SILA).

The descriptions in the receipt are ambiguous. Possible matches in the collection for the second and third items suggest that they were not used in the art show and were returned to the collection as promised. There is no painting in the set that matches the first item in the list; what became of "helo pickup of astronauts" (possibly painting #48) in February 1970 is unknown.

Painting 15A (below) might be the second one in the list.

Painting 18A (below) might be the third one in the list.