What is going on in this painting, and why is it included in this set?

Painting 18B in the set is a baffling domestic bathroom scene of what may be a disheveled husband and a smartly-dressed wife. . There is no information on the relevance of it to the MOL mission illustrated in all the other paintings. Even Mike Machat was at a loss for a reason for its inclusion, but it is numbered in sequence so appears to be an intended part of the set, and it was signed by Jacobe.

The husband seems to be dressing to go to work, although his loosened neck tie may signal the end of the day instead. The wife seems to be affectionately encouraging him to neaten up his appearance and will help with combing his hair.

The pink-themed bathroom must reflect the wife's color choice, indicating this is a domestic scene. The furnishings in the bathroom and adjacent living area will look familiar to anyone who lived in an upper middle class American home in the 1960s, or who has "retro" tastes today.

This was one of the five paintings signed by Jacobe but the style is more cartoonish and less realistic than the others in the MOL set.