Original caption: "New artist's concept of MOL released by Air Force shows Gemini B spacecraft and laboratory section after insertion into orbit."

This image of the Gemini-B/MOL vehicle in orbit presents a stylized view with emphasis on the Gemini-B with red nose section and a bland, almost featureless MOL cylinder, showing only the "USAF" logo and roundel arranged vertically along the cylinder, and the McDonnell-Douglas logo barely visible on the bottom of the cylinder.

The image first appeared in the April 1967 issue of a trade journal, with the caption as shown above.

The MOL cylinder appears long enough to accommodate the KH-10 system but there is no trace of any openings or spotting telescopes or of the maneuvering thrusters that were part of the MOL design.

This print of the painting is not in the MOL art collection, but it appears to have been produced by McDonnell Douglas, perhaps even by Neal Jacobe, and is dated December 1967. Unlike those in Jacobe's MOL portfolio, this one shows the action proceeding right-to-left, as does #43, with the deep space background devoid of stars. It shows Earth's horizon in the lower right of the picture, similar to #45 and to a lesser extent #43; #46 has Earth in the right side but higher.

I acquired a copy of the print from eBay in 2015, and was able to get it autographed by six of the seven surviving MOL pilots, including five  on it at the NRO event in Dayton in October 2015.