Painting 9 shows the burnout and jettison of the five-segment solid boosters that together comprised Stage Zero and the ignition of the two engines of Stage One. The scene is dominated by the flame of the rocket set against the azure of the sky.

The art collection also came with a single colored cutout of the solid booster on the left side of Stage One (at right) but no explanation of its purpose. It has adhesive on its back, so it was to be mounted somewhere, perhaps in an animated sequence showing the boosters falling away.

This is Jacobe's first of three uses (#9, 10 and 12) of similar but not identical generic backgrounds with Earth in the lower left half and a star-filled sky in the upper right. Other paintings uses different variations to unify them in groups according to their themes.

Jacobe's image was probably modeled after this 1965 press release image illustrating the manner in which the expended United Technology Center solid fueled boosters detach from the Martin-Marietta Titan core stage.