Image 5 is really a photograph of a painting attached to the art board--the first of three like it in the collection--instead of an original painting itself. It may have been produced earlier and was included because it provides a convenient overview of the complete MOL mission profile as illustrated in subsequent paintings.

I have annotated the image (below) with numbers corresponding to mission events. Click on the number to go directly to that painting.

  1. Prelaunch preparations and Titan IIIM launch from Vandenburg AFB on California's Pacific coast (see #2&3, 4, 7A7B, 8A and 8B)
  2. Burnout and separation of the twin solid rocket boosters, or "stage 0" (#9)
  3. Separation of Titan first stage (#10)
  4. Gemini-B/MOL insertion into orbit and separation of Titan second stage (#12)
  5. Pilots transfer from the Gemini-B spacecraft into the MOL vehicle, and activation of MOL systems in preparation for the mission (#14A, 43, 14B, 15A and 16)
  6. Activities of daily living during the month-long mission (#18A, 22, 23B, 24, 27, 28 blue, 28 orange, 31, 32, 38 and 40)
  7. Gemini-B separation from the MOL vehicle (#45) at the end of the mission
  8. Gemini-B loiter in orbit up to 14 hours if necessary (not illustrated in any individual painting)
  9. Gemini-B retrofire for de-orbiting (not illustrated in any individual painting)
  10. Gemini-B atmospheric re-entry (#46)
  11. Gemini-B parachute descent (#47A)
  12. Gemini-B splashdown in the Pacific Ocean (#47B)

Not shown: MOL disposal by de-.orbiting.